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Post Wedding Blues


You’ve waited your whole life for your special day and then . . . its over. With wedding thoughts consuming you for the past years, months or weeks, is it any wonder that some brides feel low afterwards and suffer from a touch of post-wedding blues?

PWB can affect brides in different ways with some bursting into tears on their honeymoon and others feeling quiet and depressed at work as they comes to terms with their new situation and the end of their dream day. The reality is that a wedding is the start of a special relationship but, all too often, the focus is on the day and not the years ahead.

Get to know your husband

It may sound stupid but when was the last time you had a conversation which wasnt about the wedding? Enjoy evenings in with no wedding talk. Discuss whats happening in your lives right now as well as making plans for the future.

Make a policy of having special time where you go out for a meal or have a really good meal at home, complete with candles on the table and all the romantic trimmings of dining out without the expense. You will both be tired after a long week, but you got married because you love each other and, with PWB affecting the pair of you, you need to be reminded of the pre-wedding joys of dating.

Its worth noting that many husbands feel neglected by PWB, feeling that youre actually upset because you regret marrying them. You need to reassure your new husband that you do love him and dont regret marrying him at all but that you are suffering from a valid condition. Explain that its common amongst brides (although not all of you will get it) and it isnt anything to do with him but that he can help you to get over it by supporting you through this difficult time. Just promise to make up for it later.

Film Night

Most of our brides have told us that they got over PWB by looking through their photos and playing the video of their weddings. What you have to remember is that the wedding day may be over but you have beautiful mementoes of a very special day. Plan a night in with friends and have a post-wedding hen party by inviting your friends round to watch the video and see how great you all looked.

One of the best ways to share your wedding day and overcome PWB is to make your own website. There are many firms, which deal in this but look for ease of access, how easy it is to use, how long it takes to be up and running and also how much it costs. Just think of all of those jealous brides to be flicking through your photos. Its a great way to show your photos to all of your friends and relatives who couldnt make it to the day itself. Post your URL on the Forum or submit a Featured

Wedding so we can all enjoy it!

Just be careful that you dont become too fixated and spend all of your time looking back at your wedding instead of forward to your marriage.

Don’t Worry

The most important thing to remember is that PWB doesnt last. I promise. it may not feel like it at the time but things will get better. We know this because of the feedback that weve received on our Newly Weds Forum.

Not all brides will get it but those that do feel low, many of them not expecting to feel so weepy after such an exciting event and feeling even worse because of that. Follow our advice and remember that. Anyway, you have the rest of your lives ahead of you to have fun so get planning your next holiday, home and social life!